Monday, January 17, 2011

Kimi ni todoke season 2 preview.

  What could be a better way to spend a Saturday evening that previewing new anime and drama? Well, that's what I did yesterday and I am happy to announce that KIMI NI TODOKE S2 is up in the air in Japan. Two weeks ago they released a so-called episode 0, which was something like a recap and a preview of what's to come in this new season, We mostly saw Kurumi (Sawako's rival in the first season and most likely in this second as well) bowing to seek to settle the scores this time around. In the first episode, which is still fresh from the airwaves, We can see last season's favorite characters (Sawako's friends, Yano-chin, Chizu ,Ryu and Pin) but it seems that there will be new additions to the cast to spice things up a little,which is great. The first episode is a direct follow up of the first season, but starts on the eve of Valentine's day, which as we can guest is going to be one a la Kuronuma style, with her particular way to do and see things. This first episode stars things up nice and slow with Kuronuma and her feelings for Kazehaya However, there is no doubt that the new characters are going to keep things intense and interesting in this season. My first impression is very positive, this new season stays true to the first in almost all aspects, the animation is exactly as good as the first, the original cast is back, Kuronuma has not changed much, only this time around she seems more aware on her feelings for Kazehaya and the need to "reach to him" but she also continues to be hesitant to express this feelings. For those of us who are fans of this series, I can say that this new season promises to be better than the first one so let's us see how things unfold but for the time being I like the fact that we get a second season and that shows promise to be good. I hope.

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