Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KOIZORA review.

          I want to share my opinion on the 2008 Japanese drama KOIZORA. First, a little background info to see where this series come from. Is interesting to note that this series are sourced from a novel based on a "real" story, or at least that's what the author made us think, so initially the novel was released for cellphone users in installments through a special website, the people started to talk about it until it became very popular, then it received a hard print, and eventually a drama was necessary. There are also a movie and manga. However, later on the author said that everything she wrote about was not real, that it was inspired on the story of the friend of a friend or something like that, and it was not something that happened to the author herself. But to tell you the true, Who cares? what really interest us here is whether this drama is worth watching or not. This drama is 6 episodes long and from my point of view it can be described as a shot of espresso, small but intense. You might think that I'm biased but I find that the Japanese dramas have a better plot development than Korean dramas and this one is not exception. It all stars with Mika, a teenage girl who dreams of finding true love in the fashion that most girls her age do, a knight on a white horse. But a sudden confession from a boy from another class surprises her since this boy is the crush of one of her friends, so she feels bad to see her friend down and decides to set things right, but she comes across with one of the boy's friends who is the live image of rebellion, blond hair, piercings and an attitude. This boy, whose name is Hiro, suddenly kisses her, leaving her shocked and confused. From here, a chain of events unfold and Mika and Shiro become close until they fall in love, however, before this happens, they have to go through many things together for example; Shiro's previous girlfriend is not going to stay calm when she realizes that Shiro favors Mika. The relationship between Shiro and Mika becomes more intense, specially when Mika realizes that Shiro has been having an eye on her from before due to a cellphone incident some time before and because she slowly finds that Shiro is more caring and sensible than he appears. However as Mika herself says, "happiness can not last forever" so halfway, the series take a unexpected turn which will prove how strong their link is. That I left for you to find out. One of the good points of this series is it's lenght, just 6 episodes that are well written and are more than enough to tell the story because this progresses very well so everything here is to the point, there are not unnecessary side stories or things like that, this drama is to the point from start to finish. Depending of your personal preference this could be good or bad, because if you are the kind of person who likes when a story drags for 20 or more episodes, maybe you will still feel hungry after consuming this series, but on the other hand if you are the kind who likes the stories kept short without unnecessary subplots, then you are going to love this drama. Among other things, the acting is very good, and both actors really have that "chemistry" necessary in this kind of stories. Lastly, some people might get a bittersweet feeling after watching these series, but in my opinion the conclusion is right on the spot. So I recommend KOIZORA to those who like "coming of age" love stories without being to "teenie" or too sweet which is the norm in this kind of dramas focused on high schoolers, I like KOIZORA because is a story that can happen to anyone and is easy to relate to, it can happen to you, your sister or anyone you know so I would say that this is one of the strongest points and the main reason for which I recommend it.

Here is a fan made video to pick your curiosity:

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